We're closed for now, really sorry.

Thanks for dropping by. We have some explaining to do.

If you didn't already know, we're rebranding to Codecourse. This will be our new name, and our new home is codecourse.com, which isn't quite ready yet.

Why is the site down now, then?

Simply put, it's easier to get everything ready this way. It means we can focus on getting the new site up and running without dealing with the old website. It's also very expensive to keep it running.

Will I need a new account?

Migrating account data is something that was taken into consideration, and it was decided that we needed a fresh start. We have tens of thousands of users, most of which don't want their data hanging around.

The new sign up process is simple, and you'll have a fresh account to start using Codecourse with.

What if I had a premium membership?

If you were premium, we emailed you explaining what's happening. If you didn't get this email, please contact us on hello@codecourse.com.

When does Codecourse launch?

The website is finished, but we have a large amount of content to add, as well as legal and business requirements before launch. It will go live no later than 1st August this year.

Will Codecourse be free?

Yes! We will still upload the same amount of free content to the phpacademy YouTube channel, so you won't be affected if that's where you watch our videos.

We will have premium membership content added to the website also. This will include videos and code.

Can I contact you?

Of course! Our digital door is always open, just drop an email to hello@codecourse.com and we'll be right with you.

Finally, thanks so much for waiting. I'm hoping Codecourse is something that will grow into a place where you get the most value while you're learning web development.


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