PHP File Based Image Gallery

A file based image gallery that pulls specific image types from a directory and displays them in a styled gallery.

3 videos

Create a CSS button

Creating a simple CSS button that works cross browser, cross element and is easily extendable!

1 video

PHP Data Objects (PDO)

PDO is an interface for accessing databases using PHP. It allows you to access a variety of different databases depending on which driver is installed, and provides an easy way to query, retrieve results, prepare SQL statements and bake database security into your application. In this series we look at the basics of PDO to get you started.

8 videos

Learn PHP

An introduction to various parts of PHP. After this series, you'll understand the basics of the language and how to move forward and start working on your PHP application!

23 videos

PHP Cross Site Request Forgery Protection

Building a token generating class to protect against CSRF in PHP.

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Simple jQuery Tabs

Build a simple jQuery tabbing system.

1 video

Simple CSS Navigation

Learn how to build pure CSS navigation. Features top level navigation with a hover effect for sub-level navigation.

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Protecting against form spam

A simple, effective way to prevent form spam in whatever web based language you work with.

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PHP and MySQL with MySQLi

By the end of this series, you'll be able to read from a database, write to a database and manipulate records. With a focus on security and object oriented programming, this series covers everything you need to make a start on building dynamic websites with a database.

9 videos